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On this Revealing Masterclass You will Learn:

  • A little-known biblical strategy to get out of debt, overcome lack and become financially free.
  • The 3 most dangerous LIES Christians believe about money and how you can avoid them!
  • And the one-key behind all kingdom success, that empowers you to achieve the freedom you desire and deserve... (and much more!)

"The blessing of the Lord makes one rich. . ." — Proverbs 10:22

"It Happens When The Timer Hits Zero..."


"All things are possible when you believe" — Jesus

​​This is Changing My Life...

"Words cannot express how this $1 investment this week is changing my life, seriously giving me wings to soar and freeing me from the onslaught of unbelief I allowed to rest upon me."

Cynthia Roberts  //  KS 10X Member

"At Last! Financial Freedom Formula Used In Israel 2500 Years Ago is Now Available to All Believers Worldwide"

ATTENTION: If ​you're a freebie seeker (this ​part is not for you). If you think living broke is godly​ and confuse "covetousness" with blessings ​or "greed" with prosperityplease goyou obviously know a lot​​! However, If You're Struggling With Finances and Want to Apply the BIBLICAL Principles that Unlock God's Favor and Abundance—Watch (above) a​​nd ​Read​ (Below).

​Dear Reader,

​I'm Pablo Pérez, ​and first of all​, I owe you an apology​, for my aggressive "attention" sub-headline above... 

Thing is, I have to make sure to spook "religious" people away... 

​Sadly, some Christians are full of "cliches"  and deeply believe their unbiblical junk... ​​no matter how much "Bible" and "Scripture" you show them, they are "know it alls" and won't change their ways...

And others are just "free loaders"​... ​​they're willing to pay for movies and gladly spend hundreds a month buying "entertainment" poison... but they won't spend a dime to RENEW their minds... ​

They're not willing to invest in their hearts. ​They don't care ​if this ​is breakthrough "Kingdom Economics" training​ can set them free from unbelief and revolutionize their lives​... they just bash and complain they have to "pay for it"... 

So, I hope you understand, why I had to use that "edgy" and mean sub-headline, I simply don't want those people inside our community...

Yet, I'm glad you made it this far... now we can talk!

For the past 25 years I have been helping believers walk closer with God and mature in their faith.  And after interacting with many ​dear brothers and sisters​from different cultures and nations​I ​​identified two ​big problems that cripple the body of Christ like nothing else​:

  1. ​The lack of the knowledge of God ​
  2. The lack of finances​ (Insufficiency)

​​​​​Like the Lord lamented through Hosea: ​

"My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge"―Hosea 4:6

​NOW, these two problems are rooted in ignorance​​. They're fueled by ​​failing to recognize​​ the difference between:

  • the Person of God and ​and the Principles of God...

​Those 2 realities​ are not the same thing...

​You may love Jesus, go to Church, pray, sing songs... ​and still, ​​if ​you IGNORE the Laws (principles) of God's Kingdom ​you'll struggle with ​money and​ suffer ​financial Bondage... 

That's not a prophecy. That's a fact... as sure as when you drive south, you will end up south!

​And I see it all the time... 

Business people (non-believers) who despise the Person of Jesus (severe eternal consequences), refusing to believe Jesus is who He claims to be... 

But guess what? 

They follow His principles, because they know something ​"believers" often ignore: That ​God's principles WORK, they bring prosperity and increase.

Confirming what Jesus revealed about them:

"For the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light." Luke 16:8

Sure thing! ​If they don't repent they will have to pay for their sins (end up in hell)​... but in the meantime, they enjoy the material BENEFITS reserved for those who obey Kingdom ​law​s...

​Our Kingdom Laws!!!

And inside the Church​... well, I often find the opposite:

People fervently serving and loving Jesus, singing hymns and enjoying God's presence​... but breaking almost every rule on the Book and wondering WHY...

Why on earth are we broke?

Why are we short of cash, lacking resources and barely paying the bills?

Then genius strikes...​

And the sharp "christianator" concludes:

"I'm under spiritual warfare, Satan is stealing my blessings!"

Very amusing―the devil is a thief for sure, but he's not making your decisions―guess who is?

Unfortunately, that's how many Christians go through life...

​Ignoring God's wisdom and refusing to accept 100% responsibility for their choices​....

​But it's OK, because they're praying and waiting for a breakthrough!

What can I say...​ ​I understand​I was one of them​...

​To get that story you'll have ​to watch the presentation above​...

​There ​Are Two Types of Believers

​There are wise believers and foolish believers. 

Jesus said so, in Matthew 25So did Solomon, all throughout Proverbs​ and Ecclesiastes...

Here's my ​definition for both:

​Foolish Believer

  • They hear 'about' God and the basics of the Gospel, but do NOT know what God is like, what He loves and hates.
  • They ignore who they are in Christ and misunderstand much of the Bible.
  • They break the laws of God's Kingdom (most times in ignorance).
  • They lack wisdom and never enjoy God's favor and blessings over their lives.
  • They suffer debt and often struggle with money, barely paying bills and always in 'need' (with nothing to give).
  • They don't have oil in their lamps (no intimacy with God).

​Wise 2.0 Believer

  • They know "who" God is, what He feels, how He thinks, what He loves and what He hates.
  • They understand the Lord― what He does in the earth and how He does it..
  • They respect, honor and obey the laws of God's Kingdom. 
  • ​They enjoy the the benefits of keeping "Kingdom Principles" that secure God's favor.
  • They get and pursue the most important thing. The very thing "foolish believers" ignore and lack... the only thing worth pursuing...
  • They have oil in their lamps. They enjoy intimacy with God.

And What is The Difference?

What does the WISE 2.0 Believer have that FOOLISH Believers are missing? ​The answer is obvious and simple: 

 » Wisdom​

» The Wise 2.0 Believer enjoys knowing God intimately. They learn the secrets of the Kingdom of heaven...

» They discern the difference between two amazing and eternal realities: the person of God and the principles of God...

» Wise 2.0 Believers know who God is, what He feels, how He thinks, what He loves and what He hates.

In the words of Jeremiah​, they understand and know the Lord (His person and ways)...

"But let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord, exercising loving-kindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth" - Jeremiah 9:24

» Wise 2.0 Believers respect, honor and obey the laws of God's Kingdom.

» They know and follow the rules―the principles that secure God's favor over their lives―the laws that operate His heavenly system.

In the words of ​Solomon​, the wisest man that ever lived: “Wisdom is the Principal Thing; Therefore Get Wisdom”―Prov. 4:7

An​d How Do We Get Wisdom?

As everyone knows, it’s hard to master any topic, specially when you are left on your own...

And it’s even harder when you’re super busy, overwhelmed and or don’t know where to start...

That's why I created a special online resource that simplifies the "getting and applying wisdom" process:

Introducing... KINGDOM SECRETS 10X

Kingdom Secrets 10X

What is Kingdom Secrets 10X?

» KINGDOM SECRETS 10X is the only mentorship program that empowers YOU to achieve financial freedom while improving your relationship with God.

» DISCOVER the most biblical, proven, and simple step-by-step solution YOU can use, to pursue the freedom you DESIRE. A kingdom roadmap, that has been tested for thousands of years... and is responsible, for the success of countless thousands of men and women of all ages.

» KINGDOM SECRETS 10X can show YOU how to access the unlimited and never-ending supply of God. You'll learn to apply the secrets that activate the blessing of the Lord and His favor.

» LEARN to love God with all of your heart and BECOME the best person you can be―the best father, mother, husband or wife you can be―the best employee, the best boss, the best pastor or leader you can be―in other words... we will inspire and challenge you to become the best follower of Jesus you can be.

» KINGDOM SECRETS 10X provides a strategic learning experience (courses and action plans) to help you walk closer to God and break free from financial bondage. You’ll no longer be in the dark concerning the person of God and the laws of His Kingdom.

» And isn’t just a solitary course or program. You're about to discover an ongoing community, with brothers and sisters from around the world you can connect and develop lasting friendships.

What People ​Are Saying...

​Kingdom Secrets 10X ​Really ​Works!

​​"If you have been in Church as long as me, you would have heard messages on prosperity that never worked for you. What is presented in Kingdom Secrets 10X really works! When you apply the simple strategies revealed inside—it will transform your finances and give you the resources to pursue every dream you have."

Dr. Francis Jonah  //  Author and Pastor

​​At Last! ​How to ​Receive ​What God ​Has ​Promised...

​​"​Do you like adventures that lead to new discoveries? If so, you will love Kingdom Secrets 10X! There are several venues to explore: Finances, Spiritual realities related to Meditation, Worship, Prayer, The Holy Spirit, etc  All courses ultimately work together to reveal a deeper understanding of the prevailing truth of God Word and how to apply or live it. You will also learn what God says about wealth and the biblical way to gain it. ​Finally, once the purpose of wealth is understood, you will see why God wants you wealthy and has an unlimited supply available to you.  This course will show you how to receive what God has promised. I highly recommend ​Kingdom Secrets 10X."

Pastor BB Rail  //  Revival Evangelist

Ho​w Kingdom Secrets 10X Will Help You

This radically simple program will work for you...

EVEN IF you have been:

» Tormented all your life by Teachers that confuse "Greed and Covetousness" with "​Blessing and​ Prosperity"...

You know who...

All those "Teachers" who Weaponize the Bible—quoting all the Verses that warn against Greed and Idolatry—to Scare You Away from Money and Keep you Broke...

Yes, loving money and worshiping wealth is idolatry. And yes, You can have ONLY one master, and that master MUST be the Lord!...

But make no mistake…

ANYTHING we love MORE than God can become an idol... even our own ministry can become a God-Replacement!!!

What very few understand...

... is that WHATEVER or WHOEVER becomes your “ultimate source” for happiness... is receiving your worship, and it's competing with God!...

It’s all about the affections of your heart—the allegiance of your soul—who is FIRST in your life...

So... no matter for how long or how often you have been lied to...

Kingdom Secrets 10X can help you renew your mind according to God's Word. Empowering you to to understand both:

  1. The Biblical Wealth-Generation Principles 
  2. And the Biblical Warnings (against idolatry)...

PLUS: This proven Roadmap for FREEDOM will also work for you...

EVEN IF you are:

  » Not Earning Enough Income 

  » Not Able to Pay Bills or Make Ends Meet

  » Even if You Are Without Savings or Investments 

  » Or Struggling to Pay Off Debt 

  » Earning Very Low Wages 

  » Or Presently Unemployed 

OR Even: If you THINK you've tried... everything!

​10XMeans: 10 Components​!

Members report that strongholds of ​unbelief (which dominated their minds for years)​, come tumbling down​. . . the first week!​

​​The reason is our 10 Components (i.e. Kingdom Secrets 10X)

Financial Freedom Formula, by Pablo Perez

Financial Freedom Formula: Our main course, we're you'll find the Biblical Blueprint for Abundance.

Secrets of the Secret Place, by Bob Sorge

Secrets of the Secret Place: this weekly course will provide devotional secrets to revive your prayer life.

Book of the Month, by Kingdom Secrets

Book of the Month: giving you the pleasure to read anointed and revealing books.

The Amazing 10X Goal Setting Secret

Bonus #​2: ​"The Amazing 10X Goal Setting Secret" You’ll discover a ​BOLD approach to Goal Setting.

Community, Kingdom Secrets
Ablaze for Jesus, by Pablo Perez

Ablaze for Jesus: This course will show you how to experience a deeper Intimacy with Jesus.

Worship of the Month, by Kingdom Secrets

Worship of the Month: leading you before God's Throne, to feel and experience the presence of God.

From Debt Slavery to Financial Freedom

Bonus #​1: ​"From Debt Slavery to Financial Freedom​, In Less Than a Year!"


Bonus #​3: ​"The Financial Abundance Manifesto: 24 Quick-Start Keys to Success."

Profit-Making Business Models

Bonus #4: Profit-Making Business Models: bringing you done-for-you Business Models that work for every-day people.

KS 10X Community: a safe place to CONNECT with other Christians from around the world.

There you go​ the 10 Components,  ​6 Core Elements + 4 Bonuses.

Isn't this awesome? ​Right after joining Kingdom Secrets 10X, these 10 things are yours!

​​Yes, When You Join Kingdom Secrets 10X, You Get 4 Amazing Bonuses:

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​​Valentin  // ​​​​​Teacher

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It's easy and fast to join Kingdom Secrets 10X. Get started today for only $1 and try it for 7 days. Then after the 7 days, it's only $37 a month.

Enjoy our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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